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Having developed an interest in leather crafting, my wife and I purchased our first piece of hiding from a local Tandy store a few years ago. She then turned that swatch into a gorgeous stocking and gave it to me as a Christmas gift I would never forget. The rest is history.

Determined to put my combined craftsmanship and passion for working, I began experimenting with the leftover leather scraps for several months into the new year. This was when I realized that I was going to need to get myself a set of high-quality tools and the support of a reliable leather supplier to make my vision come to fruition.

Dedicated to learning tricks and techniques of the trade, my wife and I made another trip to the Tandy store to equip ourselves with the largest startup kit they offer. You can probably say we went a little overboard. But we were just so eager to get started!

As I was conducting market research and watching various online tutorials, I found that most leather goods for sale today were either outrageously expensive or not up to par regarding quality. By diligently handcrafting every item myself, I carefully perform each cut and stitch to ensure world-class reliability and the utmost quality. Closely inspected and hand-picked, the 100% full grain leather pelts I use to create my handcrafted accessories exemplify the sophistication I seek to weave into my decadent designs.

Place your purchase with confidence knowing Lotus & Layne leather goods are all proudly made in the USA. My handcrafted wallets are especially coveted, as they make beautiful gifts for all occasions. No matter the cause for celebration, Lotus & Layne leather gifts never disappoint! Shop our collection to discover the most exquisite handcrafted heirloom leather products at prices you can afford.

Yours Truly,

LaMandez Brown, CEO


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